How HUBAR Can Help

Over the years we have developed a method for creating this type Digital Archive. We have existing database/multi-media templates that can easily be customized to the special needs of individuals and organizations wishing to generate their own digital archives. We offer training and detailed handbooks for all aspects of the process. Our primary goal is to assist clients in "growing" archives on their own.
Carefully designed data managenment proceedures are essential to generating archival content and entering it into the database. We are availble to consult on organizing and structuring the information itself. We can help clients build organizational maps suitable to this medium and administrative systems that will protect their content and good efforts.

We have gained valuable experience digitizing images, inventorying collections and building interactive presentations. While we gladly offer our photographic, scanning and programming services, and will provide our clients the necessary training to do this for themselves.

Digital technology is rapidly evolving and we take great care to build our platforms to incorporate inevitable improvements. Archive data is a valuable capital investment and we can assist with the transfer to new software applications
  HUBAR can assist with the purchase and set-up of necessary hardware and software, although we are not affiliated with any vendor or software developer.
We communicate with our clients electronically via the Internet. Making use of web is integral to our digital archiving method and we can assist our clients to take advantage of this important resource. This permits us to offer our services to interested persons regardless of geographic location.
All work is performed on the basis of written up-front cost estimates and detailed specifications. The client retains complete ownership of all work performed.
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