In my abstract paintings shapes emerge, floating, dream-like but usually within a grid or a rectangle (window/parathera). The window reveals what has been before, the layers, the process, the pentimenti. The layers of color in my paintings sometimes work together, sometimes conflict, but always search for a balance. I frequently contrast warm with cool complementary colors. I like to experiment with unusual color combinations, I love the physicality and suppleness of the oil paint.

The act of drawing is essential to my work. I enjoy using both the meandering and the controlled line whether in my work on paper or in my paintings. The natural world continues to inspire me., as well as the ancient ancestral civilization of Crete. My art however, is firmly rooted in the modernist tradition.

The series of work I am currently working on, and showing are painted over monotypes. Using the printed monotype as a base, I am painting over it as well as drawing on it. The work has gone through several layers, there is a history to the piece. Thoughts going through my head while I was working on these pieces included feelings of release, openness, and of taking chances.


July 10th, 2000